Ebels Meat Processing

In addition to retail meat sales, Ebels is a USDA approved harvesting facility. You can bring in your beef, bison, pork, or lamb to our facility for harvesting. We will custom cut your animal to your specifications. Smoked meats can also be made for additional charges.

Also available for purchase are beef or pork to be processed as a whole or partial animal for your family. Ebels has a source for locally grown beef and pork, providing you with quality USDA harvesting and inspection.

  • Facilities

    Our facility was built in 2003-2004. It features a state of the art cooling system that is continuously monitored to make sure temperatures are constant and at set points.

  • Experience

    Our meat cutters have a combined experience of over 200 years. They come from retail background ensuring steaks and roasts are trimmed and cut to your expectations.

  • Family Owned & Operated

    The Ebels family is actively involved in the operations of the plant.

  • Quality

    For beef, we allow them to age 12-14 days after they are butchered to enhance tenderness. All products are vacuum sealed with roll stock technology to preserve the meat for up to two years.

  • Variety

    We butcher beef, hogs, sheep, goats, buffalo, water buffalo, and elk.

  • Animal Welfare

    The plant has a monitoring program to ensure humane handling of livestock.

  • Custom Processing

    We can further process your meat into sausages and jerky. This can be done under USDA inspection and that makes it legal to resell your products at retail.

  • Game Processing

    Seasonally, Ebels offers wild game processing for fresh cuts and also a wide variety of specialty smoked meats made for customers from their meat; such as deer, elk, or bear.

Processing Guides

Below you will find links to our processing guides for beef, pork, and lamb, and deer.